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Annual general meeting

The Society’s annual general meeting is held in the summer. All members are invited and it provides a forum for members’ views although we also welcome views by letter or email at


The next annual general meeting will be on Tuesday 19 July 2022 at 6.30 for 7 pm. It will be at St Peter’s Church in Kensington Park Road. All are welcome.  The agenda will be circulated to members before the meeting.


The 2021 (52nd) annual general meeting  was held at St Peter’s church on 17 November 2021.

Minutes of 52nd AGM

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The Minutes of the last meeting were approved

2. Matters Arising from the Minutes

There were no matters arising from the minutes

3. Chairman’s Report       

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and reported that for the first part of the year the Committee had done its business by email.  Each week one of our four architects would look at the planning applications and give their recommendations.   In the summer, however, we resumed meeting, wherever possible in the garden of a committee member (we were only rained off once).

As usual our main work had been to look at all the planning applications in the area. Most of them were simple things requiring no comment, but there were quite a few where we lodged objections.   Many of these involved rear elevations giving onto communal gardens where the applicants wanted to add often quite unsuitable extensions – in gardens and on roofs.  The importance here was not just the view from the communal garden, but also light pollution from rear extensions with big windows. We found it sad that no sooner has someone purchased an historic house than they wish to enlarge or extend it, often obliterating the characteristics that made the property and its surroundings special. One problem had been that during the pandemic planning officers giving pre-application advice had been unable to make site visits and sometimes deemed proposals acceptable that they might not have done if they had seen the site. Once pre-app advice had been given,the officers were pretty well bound to support that advice.

  The noise of increased outside living with the pandemic was yet another form of pollution that had attracted concerns. Patio heaters, fire pits and external fireplaces were also potentially polluting or energy-wasting.

This year had also seen important consultations.  The Council had consulted on  a Supplementary Policy Document on “greening”. This was not a very helpful document as it is chiefly about big new-build schemes and not relevant to our Victorian houses.  We did succeed however in persuading the Council to issue a separate householder guide which is much more helpful.

Households are being encouraged to replace their gas boilers but the installation of heat pumps as an alternative is expensive, very difficult to install in a built-up area such as the Ladbroke Estate and not very effective without really excellent insulation. It was likely to be some years, therefore, before we saw the back of gas boilers.

Questions were addressed to the Chairman on the following subjects:

   -Light pollution and the environment

   -Subterranean developments and their effect on neighbours.


   -Air Conditioning, double glazing and solar panels

   -Parking spaces and electric cars and charging points

The Chairman detailed action taken by the Association or otherwise explained the views of the Association.

Treasurer’s Report and Adoption of Accounts

The Treasurer circulated the accounts to the meeting and presented a report on the main items of income and expenditure.  It was to be noted that the Association claimed Gift Aid on a two yearly basis, so that was a lumpy item in the accounts.  The subscription remained at £15 and we had attracted a number of new members during the year. However, there were also a number of members leaving the area or dying so membership remained fairly constant.  Our reserves remain substantial which is considered prudent as we may have to seek some legal or specialist advice at any time.  We had spent some money on revamping our website and also donated £2,500 to St Peter’s Church for clock repairs.

Election of Officers and Committee

Sophia Lambert was elected as Chairman in 2019 for a period of three years, so was not due for re-election.

Paul Bastick and Anne Chorley had agreed to stand again as Treasurer and Secretary.  The appointment of Paul Bastick was proposed by Kay Broadbent and seconded by Catherine Faulks.   The appointment of Anne Chorley was proposed by Peggy Post and seconded by Billie Lee.

The committee was re-elected en bloc for a further period of three years.

Kay Broadbent                             Tom Croft

Catherine Faulks                          Sandra Kamen

David Marshall                            Peter Mishcon

Jane Martineu                              Tony Temple

Peggy Post

Billie Lee had been co-opted onto the committee in 2021 and was due to be elected to the committee.  He was proposed by Peggy post and seconded by Catherine Faulks.

Any Other Business

Joanna Gardener proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman which received a warm response, and there being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting.


Minutes of past annual general meetings

50th AGM: 16 July 2019

49th AGM: 18 July 2018

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47th AGM: 13 July 2016

46th AGM: 15 July 2015

45th AGM: 2 July 2014

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27th GM: 27 June 1995

26th AGM: 20 June 1994

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18th AGM: 25 June 1986

17th AGM: 25 June 1985

16th AGM: 25 June 1984

15th AGM: 20 June 1983

14th AGM: 21 June 1982

3rd AGM: 15 July 1971

We do not have on our files the minutes of many of our earlier AGMs. If any members have kept them, we should be most grateful for copies.

Please contact editor@ladbroke