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Keeping the Ladbroke area special‚Äč

Conservation and planning

The following pages are aimed at giving our members useful information on planning and conservation insofar as it relates to the Ladbroke area. Please let us know if there is other information that you would like to see on this website.

The RBKC website has much detailed information, especially on making planning applications. The Government has an online web-based resource on the planning system at

What it means to be in a conservation area and when is planning permission needed.
Special rules apply in conservation areas and plannong permission may be needed for thngs that are “permitted development” in other areas. Read more…

The role of the Ladbroke Association
We look at planning applications and can sometimes help members on planning matters. Read more…

Material planning considerations and planning policies
The policies that govern planning decisions and what applications are acceptable. Read more…

Listed buildings and Article 4 directions in the Ladbroke area
The majority of our buildings are either listed or have extra planning restrictions on them. Read more…

How to influence or oppose a planning application
Useful tips on what to do if you are unhappy about an application. Read more…

Basement construction and party wall matters
The rules applying to basements and an explanation of party wall agreements. Read more….