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Keeping the Ladbroke area special​


Street index

These pages give for each street in the conservation area some historical information; a description of the architecture and features of interest; and the Ladbroke Association’ s recommendations for maintaining and enhancing the character of the street. We would welcome comments, additions and suggestions from residents of the streets concerned.

Arundel Gardens

Boyne Terrace Mews

Blenheim Crescent

Bulmer Mews

Chepstow Villas

Clarendon Cross

Clarendon Road

Codrington Mews

Cornwall Crescent

Elgin Crescent

Elgin Mews

Hayden’s Place

Holland Park Avenue

Horbury Crescent

Horbury Mews

Kensington Park Gardens

Kensington Park Mews

Kensington Park Road

Ladbroke Crescent

Ladbroke Gardens

Ladbroke Grove

Ladbroke Road

Ladbroke Square

Ladbroke Terrace

Ladbroke Walk

Lansdowne Crescent

Lansdowne Mews

Lansdowne Rise

Lansdowne Road

Lansdowne Walk

Portland Road

Portobello Road

Rosmead Road

St John’s Gardens

St Mark’s Place

St Mark’s Road

Stanley Crescent

Stanley Gardens

Stanley Gardens Mews

Tavistock Mews

Vernon Yard

Westbourne Grove

Westbourne Park Road

Wilby Mews