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The only forthcoming event is the 2021 (52nd) Annual general meeting, on which see below.

The minutes of the 2020 (51st) AGM are also below. For minutes of previous meetings, click on

Minutes of past annual general meetings




The Society’s annual general meeting is normally held in the summer, although because of the pandemic  we are currently out of sync and this year’s is in November. All members are invited. The AGM provides a forum for members to express their views and to question thecommittee – although we also welcome views by letter or email at


The next annual general meeting will be on 17 November at 6.30 for 7 pm. It will be at St Peter’s Church in Kensington Park Road. All are welcome.

 The agenda is:

1. Minutes of last meeting

2. Matters arising from the minutes

3. Chairman’s report

4. Treasurer’s report and adoption of the accounts

5. Election of officers

6. Election of Committee

7. Any other business.

Nominations for officers and committee members, proposed and seconded, should reach the Hon Sec at 19 Stanley Gardens, W11 2NG, before the meeting.





The 2020 (51st) annual general meeting was held online in November-December 2020.

Minutes of 51st AGM

1.  Minutes of the 50th  meeting.

These were approved.

2. Matters arising from the minutes

There were no matters arising.


3. Chairman’s Report

The chairman said that, since February, we had not been able to hold live committee meetings and had conducted most business by email. The Council officers with whom we deal had been working from home, and it had been pretty easy to contact them by phone or email – indeed probably easier than before the pandemic, as they were spending less time in meetings. But it had not always been possible for them to make site visits. Planning committees had continued to meet, but by video-link, with any member of the public being able to join the link (although only those who have registered can speak).  It was however far from perfect: only the person speaking was shown on screen and it iwas difficult to get clues from body-language. But it had meant that the planning system had continued to operate, albeit rather slowly at times.

Architects seemed to have continued working throughout, and after an initial dip at the beginning of the February lockdown there had been a steady stream of planning applications coming in. Each week, the applications were circulated to all committee members. One of the three architects on our committee then had an in-depth look at them and advised on whether we should support, object or make no comment. So we had not been inactive.

This last year we had also circulated a number of email alerts to members about various Council initiatives on a variety of subjects from how the Council should spend the Community Infrastructure Levy to cycleways. We are always grateful for the comments that we get from members and pass them on to the Council where we think that would be useful. We were also heavily involved in the “Save Our Streets” group of local associations fighting the proposal for a segregated cycleway along Holland Park Avenue and Notting Hill Gate, in abeyance for the moment.

4. Treasurer’s Report and Adoption of Accounts.

The Treasurer expressed satisfaction at the fact that there had been a surplus for the year, resulting in a healthy bank balance. Subscription income had reduced this year as membership has fallen from 375 to 350 members. An unusual number of members who pay by standing order had ceased to do so without notice and we suspected that this might have been due to a problem with either our or their bank. We were therefore contacting them to check that they really meant to end their subscriptions. We did however gain 11 new members in the financial year.

On the expenditure side, our costs were reduced this year as we were able to send notices about the AGM and the winter party with newsletters. We also cut expenditure on secretarial services as our committee member Kay Broadbent is kindly assisting the Treasurer with gift aid applications and maintaining comprehensive membership lists.

We had actively looked at expenditure that could be usefully employed within the rules of our constitution. To this end, we had made a donation of £2,500 to repair St. Peter’s Church clock. This would be reflected in next year’s accounts.

The treasurer believed that it was important for the Association to keep up a healthy balance. For instance, we might need costly professional advice if any particularly troublesome planning application were submitted that generated controversy and required greater knowledge of the regulations than our committee can muster.

He was not recommending any increase in the subscription rates as he considered that current expenditure for the next few years could  be accommodated within the projected income and reserves.

The accounts were adopted.

5. Election of Officers

The Chairman was elected in 2019 for a three-year term. But the Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary must be re-elected every year. Paul Bastick had offered to continue as Treasurer and Anne Chorley as Secretary. Both were re-elected.

6. Any Other Business

There was no other business.


Minutes of past annual general meetings

50th AGM: 16 July 2019

49th AGM: 18 July 2018

48th AGM: 27 July 2017

47th AGM: 13 July 2016

46th AGM: 15 July 2015

45th AGM: 2 July 2014

44th AGM: 3 July 2013

43rd AGM: 4 July 2012

42nd AGM: 6 July 2011

41st AGM: 6 July 2010

40th AGM: 7 July 2009

27th GM: 27 June 1995

26th AGM: 20 June 1994

25th AGM: 21 June 1993

24th AGM: 16 June 1992

23rd AGM: 8 June 1991

22nd AGM: 27 June 1990

21st AGM: 7 June 1989

20th AGM: 22 June 1988

19th AGM: 24 June 1987

18th AGM: 25 June 1986

17th AGM: 25 June 1985

16th AGM: 25 June 1984

15th AGM: 20 June 1983

14th AGM: 21 June 1982

3rd AGM: 15 July 1971

We do not have on our files the minutes of many of our earlier AGMs. If any members have kept them, we should be most grateful for copies.

Please contact editor@ladbroke

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