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Basement development


The Ladbroke Association Survey of the impact and effects of subterranean development in Kensington (2009)

RBKC policies on basement development

The Party Wall Act and party wall awards

The Ladbroke Association Survey and Report on subterranean development

Basement development is perhaps the most contentious subject with which the Ladbroke Association has had to deal in recent years, almost entirely because of the appalling noise, dirt and damage that neighbours frequently suffer during the construction of a basement development, often lasting two years or more. We were among the first to campaign to make basement construction more tolerable for those living nearby. In 2009 we conducted a survey and wrote a report for the Council on the problems and the action we thought wass needed. Since then, the Council has introduced a new basements policy and a code of construction practice which have greatly improved the situation. Moreover, the appetite for basements has dwindled considerably and there are now very few applications for news basement developments. For anybody interested, howeverr, the links below provide a web view of the Report; a PDF version for printing; and a separate summary of the responses:

Text of the Report

Final Report Document (PDF version for printing)

Summary of the responses to the survey


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